HHC sponsors the education or training of a child or young adult especially Dalit (once untouchables) and indigenous girls whose families are unable to support them. Hundreds of children from remote northern Dhading and other parts of Nepal have been sponsored by donors, which is rewarding, but committing.

Currently HHC sponsors 22 children in local schools of which 16 are girls and 7 are Dalit.
HHC also sponsors a few young women in college in Kathmandu for higher studies. Currently we are supporting the agricultural diploma of Reli Maya and Rural development studies of Grishma in colleges in Kathmandu. 
HHC also supports special training of young women like Rasa Maya BK from Lapa who’s in her third year of nursing school after which she will serve her village as she earns a decent salary and becomes a role model for young girls in her community. Rasa is the first Dalit woman from the region to become a nurse.
Similarly Tuni Rani G and Apsara T are two students from remote Ruby Valley sponsored to study midwifery for two years and will also take a special three months course of Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA). They too will serve their community on completion of training. 


There are only two high schools in northern Dhading. Most students stop after primary school owing to lack of financial support to attend high schools which are outside their village. Lack of education is an important barrier to economic progress.     

Each year we support dozens of children, including orphans and blacksmith children, in the local and Kathmandu private schools through the help of generous friends. Many of our sponsored students have graduated from high school. Many of the high school graduates get further support to attend technical schools and colleges. They receive training to become health providers, teachers and other skilled technicians, in many cases returning home to take over the running of village health posts, schools, and other services or trades in their villages. Sponsoring a student is a serious undertaking, requiring support from the donor over several years. HHC makes commitments to help students through graduation, and we cannot withdraw that commitment before a student has succeeded; we expect our donors to approach student sponsorship with a similar level of resolve. Indicative costs to sponsor a student are: $500 per year for a village primary student, $1500 per year for a Kathmandu boarding school, and $3000 per year for a technical school.