In the rural communities we serve, poor nutrition and food insecurity are widespread. Related health risks are
severe, especially for the most vulnerable – infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly.

HHC’s organic farming projects provide training and access to resources that create pathways to food security,
improved nutrition and income generation. We center women and other marginalized groups in our
initiatives, as community members learn and implement a range of locally effective and sustainable
agricultural practices.

We offer training in farming and entrepreneurial skills, along with access to resources such as expert-
recommended crop varieties and solar dryers. Through effective composting, crop rotation, identification of
the hardiest crop species and effective bio-pesticides, increasingly productive farming is possible. A recent
cohort of 33 women farmers produced over 20 tons of vegetables, almost three times the usual yield.

Project components generally include:
1. Multi-day agricultural trainings for cohorts of women farmers.
2. Learning expeditions to the Lumle Regional Agricultural Research Station, a government center with
agricultural experts providing lectures and classes.
3. Provision of vegetable seeds, fruit tree saplings, materials to create greenhouse tunnels, and other supplies.
4. Solar dryers for shared use. Since homes have no cold storage/refrigeration, HHC provides solar dryers
which increase family food security and nutrition by enabling long-term storage of vegetables and fruits.
5. Year-round project coordination with a full-time agricultural trainer and from HHC’s field coordinator. This
includes support for the development of regional markets and guidance in selling produce.

We see great potential for increased income generation by expanding farm production and building product
distribution and sales networks. More details about our recent work can be found in these reports: 

Organic Farming in Rural Nepal: Food Security During a Pandemic 2021 

Young Women’s Organic Farming in Rural Nepal: Food Security During a Pandemic 2021-2022